Fleming’s Las Vegas

I don’t usually eat steak, but when I do, it’s somebody’s birthday.

IMG_0627Caesar Salad.

IMG_0628The sides, asparagus and cheesy potato gratin.

IMG_0631IMG_0633IMG_0634I ordered the lamb chops. It got little awkward because I had to send my meal back three times. First time they brought out the wrong food, second time the lamb was raw, but the third time it was perfect. It’s not fun being that annoying customer.

IMG_0639IMG_0640IMG_0642Creme brulee, New York Cheesecake, and carrot cake.

Lotus of Siam, which looks like a hole in the wall from the outside, is also in Las Vegas. I highly recommend this place! You’re amazed how big and fancy the place is once you get inside and the food is great.

IMG_0564IMG_0568Khao Soi with chicken.

IMG_0569Crispy Duck Panang.


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