Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles

My boyfriend is a fan of Chef’s Table on Netflix, and one episode was about Chef Nancy Silverton and her restaurant in LA, so naturally,  he really wanted to go. I hadn’t heard of the place, and he brought me here as a surprise for our anniversary dinner because I love love spaghetti, but this place was far from “spaghetti”.

IMG_3012IMG_3013IMG_3015IMG_3022Burricotta & Spiced Walnuts, from the mozzarella bar.

IMG_3024Steamed Mussels.

IMG_3028Orecchiette with sausage and Swiss chard.

IMG_3030Tagliatelle with oxtail ragu.

IMG_3032Grilled Sonoma County Lamb Chops.

IMG_3038Butter Braised Halibut.

IMG_3041Olive oil ice cream (was amazing).

In this very particular case, Osteria Mozza was not the best choice for a surprise dinner. The wine menu was about one inch thick, and 70% of the food menu looked like a foreign language to me. Also, they don’t allow you to order as you go, so you have to decide all your courses in the beginning. I needed weeks to to study this menu! I also needed google.

The food was really good. We ordered way too much and were full by the time the lamb and halibut came. I would definitely go again just for the noodle dishes.  For next time, I am determined to learn the difference between all these complicated noodle names.


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