Tokyo Dec 2016 Pt.2

My sister loves desserts, while I lack a sweet tooth, and every time we are in Tokyo together she insists we go to Dominique Ansel Bakery. They always have a different monthly flavor for their Cronut and in December it was Strawberry jam and Elderflower ganache with mint sugar.


The green little pasty is called Paris Tokyo and it was terrible. I also was not a fan of the cronut as it was much too sweet. My favorite thing from Dominique Ansel is the DKA which is not so much a desert, but more like a buttery flaky bun. The Frozen S’more, another signature of theirs, is vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate cake crumbs covered in marshmallow, then caramelized with a torch. Honestly, it was incredible.



This little yakiniku restaurant was outside the Kanda station. My friend highly recommended the place so we stopped by and ordered some wagyu beef and vegetables. I thought the food was good, but according to him it was better last time.

Flying back home.



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