Tokyo December 2016


My sister and I traveled to Tokyo last December to see the endless holiday lights (and eat some good food).


I am no photographer so the pictures I took of the lights do it no justice.

First off, airplane food.


I almost always fly United airlines, but this my friend who works at American airlines offered to fly me to Japan. Even though that over-sized ravioli was far from pretty, I thought it was pretty tasty. I opted for the cheese platter rather than ice cream for dessert (not that it’s any healthier).


When I land in Japan, my usual routine is to grab a late night bite and go straight to bed. There is an Okinawan izakaya near my place in Tokyo, they’re open late, and they carry unique dishes that I don’t see anywhere else. I like to order their Taco Rice, which is literally a deconstructed taco over rice, but something about those flavors work.


Hanako is an okonomiyaki restaurant in Tokyo, and they serve a wide variety of dishes and everything is delicious. I can’t get enough of their yakisoba. In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with noodles/pasta in any format.


Lastly, takoyaki to end this post. Can’t resist takoyaki.


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