Smorgasburg LA

Smorgasburg is on Sundays every week in LA. Basically a market for foodies. Grilled lobster and lobster fries from Lobsterdamus. Dumplings from Workaholic (orange-shrimp&garlic, purple-beef bulgolgi, red-spicy pork&kimchi). Pork belly taco from Goa Taco. The best thing we ate. So good. Spam musubi and rice ball from Mama Musubi. Pork belly taco from Chinese Laundry….

Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles

My boyfriend is a fan of Chef’s Table on Netflix, and one episode was about Chef Nancy Silverton and her restaurant in LA, so naturally,  he really wanted to go. I hadn’t heard of the place, and he brought me here as a surprise for our anniversary dinner because I love love spaghetti, but this…

Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews

Hawaiian Upchuck. Fries, pork belly, onion slaw, and BBQ sauce. I did not like this. Wicked Wings (Thai chili flavor). Your Boy Bleu Burger. Sauteed mushrooms, balsamic onion jam, arugula, Gorgonzola, and garlic aioli. I was actually so surprised at how good this burger was, I loved the jam. Outlaw Burger, with an egg. I went…

Home Cooked Meals Ed.1

One year later and I am back! I guess I lost my inspiration for a while but today I decided it was time to get back to work on this blog project of mine. I never stopped taking photos of food so I have so much content that I don’t even know where to begin….

Chin’s Seafood and Grill

My friends are moving to my hometown, Dallas, and their farewell dinner was at Chin’s Seafood and Grill in San Diego. The menu was preset so, unfortunately, I don’t know the names of each dish. We had a chicken salad, shrimp two ways, fish, pork, seafood noodles, beef in gravy, and a dumpling desert soup….